Walfer - My commune

  • Walfer - My commune
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Although size-wise, Walferdange is Luxembourg’s second smallest commune, it offers attractions which are quite unique. Under the expert guidance of Erny, a friendly raven, the readers will be able to explore the remarkable historical traces found throughout the commune in a very vivid manner: they will dive into the mysterious world of the “Wiichtelcher”-dwarves and the “Raschpëtzer”, move through the Gallo-Roman villa in Helmsange, take a rest in the nearby “Gréngewald” with all its attractions, marvel at orchids in the nature resort “Sonnebierg” and go for a stroll along the peaceful Alzette valley.
The castle and its most famous inhabitant, Prince Henry of the Netherlands, will be in the limelight, as well as the architecture and many other aspects of this small dynamic city.
Enjoy this little but nevertheless informative trip through history, geography and culture!.

Authors: Jean Schmit, Laurent Hennes

Illustrator: Tomislav Findrik

Langues english

ISBN-13: 978-2-919999-90-3