Ernest an d'Célestine DVD

  • Ernest an d'Célestine DVD
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In normal bear life, it is frowned upon to make friends with a mouse. But Ernest, a big bear, a clown and musician who lives on the fringes of bear society, nonetheless welcomes little Celestine into his home. She is an orphan and has fled the mouse world down below. These two solitary characters find support and comfort in one another, but in the process, fly in the face of convention, upsetting the established order.

directed by Benjamin Renner,
Vincent Patar, Stephane Aubier

Dauer: 80 minutes
Original version: French
DVD version: french, luxembourgish, dutch

featuring: Lambert Wilson, Pauline Brunne
producers: Didier Brunner, Vincent Tavier, Henri Magalon, Philippe Kauffmann, Stephan Roelants

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