• Megacities
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Earth is beautiful. It's people who make it horrific.

Bombay, Mexico City, Moscow, New York: seductive yet repellent monsters. The contradiction insinuates itself into the daily lives of those who populate these megacities. The film’s twelve chapters tell the tales of: Shankar, the Bioscope Man; Modesto, the chicken feet vendor; Baba Khan, the paint recycler; Nestor, the trash scavenger; Oleg, Borya, Kolya and Misha, the street kids; Cassandra, the performer; Larissa, the crane driver; Toni, the hustler. Day in, day out they all set about their struggle for survival with ingenuity, intelligence and dignity. And they all share a single fantasy: the dream of a better life. MEGACITIES is a film about work, poverty, violence, love and sex. A film about the beauty of people.

Best Documentary (Sao Paolo 1998);
Vienna Film Award (Viennale 1998);
Golden Spin Award (San Franciso 1999).

written and directed by
Michael Glawogger

Sprooch: many,
subtitles: eng, ger, fra, spa
Länge: 90 min
Bonus: M. Glawogger's notes, Deleted Scenes, director's commentary in German (with A. Horwath) and in English (with Ginu Kameni), Mexican Photo odyssey by U. Seidl, Work in progress of life in loops: a Megacities rmx by Timo Novotny feat Sofa Surfers

Camera: Wolfgang Thaler
Editor: Andrea Wagner
Sound: Ekkehart Baumung
Production Manager: Peter Wirthensohn
Producers: Erich Lackner (Lotus-Film, Wien), Rolf Schmid (Fama Film, Bern)

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